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Weekly Recap 14/20 – The best steak in the world, (non-related) deer all over the place and New Year’s in Tokyo

(26.12.2016 – 01.01.2017)

Oh, what a week! It’s been some time since I have last done so much sightseeing within one week and I have to say my feet hurt like crazy! But yes, it was totally worth it. We had a lovely Christmas lunch in Kobe, where we tried the world’s most exquisite steak, spent a day in the cute little town of Nara, where we fed dear with crackers, and celebrated New Year’s Eve with ten thousands at Shibuya crossing. The best start to the year one can imagine.

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Weekly Recap 13/20 – A reunion for Christmas

(19.12.2016 – 25.12.2016)

Even though Japanese people do not celebrate Christmas somehow classes ended just in time for us internationals to grab our bags and fly across the country to meet our beloved ones here and there. While the others mainly decided to leave Japan for the holidays I hopped on a plain to Osaka, met my boyfriend who flew over from Germany there, and started a 19-days-trip all across Japan together with him. First stops on our list was our meeting point, Osaka.

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Weekly Recap 10/20 – Becoming aware of time

(28.11.2016 – 04.12.2016)

This week’s recap has a kind of melancholic tense to it. For one thing because half of my time in Japan is now officially over and for another because as I am writing this I am browsing through the pictures of our last trip. Even though the trip was a lot of fun, with a group of eight crazy people on the bus and in the hostel, delicious food as well as culinary fails and yet another weekend where we could successfully beat the boredom of our dormitory rooms, the trip still had left its lingering mark in my thoughts.

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Weekly Recap 8/20 – Light and Darkness in Takeda

(14.11.2016 – 20.11.2016)

This Saturday a couple of our Japanese friends took us to the annual Bamboo Festival in a city called Takeda, almost 1.5 hours away from Oita.

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Weekly Recap 7/20 – Climb that mountain

(07.11.2016 – 13.11.2016)

When there is one thing in Japan that I did not expect to be like it is and that constantly surprises me is – tadadadaaaaa – the nature. I bet a lot of people were like me when they thought about Japan’s landscape: Mount Fuji and then maaaaaaaaaany skyscraper skylines. Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama .. the list goes on and the last thing you would expext are probably deep green forests, fields and mountains wherever you look. I don’t know if we are just extremely lucky to be here in the Northern Kyushu area, but I can say, it only takes us around 20 minutes of a train drive in the direction of Beppu to see exactly that.

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Weekly Recap 6/20 – Seoul in my soul

(31.10.2016 – 06.11.2016)

We lucky ASBE participants. Each of us gets the unique chance to spend a semester at a selected country in Asia, we have an accommodation right at the campus, and the best part, we are left wit enough time to travel around. As we all knew each other from our studies or from the programme meetings before, one weekend we took the chance and booked a last-minute flight (this came in handy at the price level) to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, to visit the 5 girls from Paderborn, who have been living, laughing, and studying there since August.

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Weekly Recap 15/20 – Last days in Tokyo, Shinkansen experience and culture in Kyoto

(02.01.2017 – 08-02.2017)

Now that I am on a real trip that lasts longer than only one weekend I can show you some more pictures from pretty places full of life, history, and culture in one weekly recap. Our last days were stuffed with sightseeing, picture-taking, food-tasting, and simply strolling around neighbourhoods in several cities in Japan. We spent the first two days of the year in Tokyo and hopped on board of a Shinkansen on the 3rd January that got us to the culture-rich city of Kyoto before each of us headed back to the place they call home at the moment (my boyfriend back in Germany but I still in Oita).

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Weekly Recap 4/20 – Exploring the Hells of Beppu and a day in Tsukumi

(17.10.2016 – 23.10.2016)

Known as one of the best places to enjoy Japanese hot springs („Onsen“) the cute little town of Beppu is a popular destination for tourists. Many Japanese also spend a relaxing day here to step away from the pressures of their daily life for a couple of hours.

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Weekly Recap 3/20 – A trip to Kokonoe

(10.10.2016 – 16.10.2016)

Oita university takes care of its international students, that cannot be denied. So, last Saturday in the crack of dawn (or at least way too early for a Saturday) we gathered at university to meet our tutors and hop on the bus to a destination that we never heard of but sounded promising.

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