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Weekly Recap 17/20 – Heating up in an Onsen

(16.01.2017 – 22.01.2017)

I am really sorry for the lack of pictures of beautiful Japanese landscapes, cute little village streets, or delicious food. What can I say, my days after my return from the winter holiday have been anything but exciting. Project assignments, weekly tests, and the preparation for my Master’s thesis have kept be busy and impeded indulging on the brighter sides of an exchange student’s life. However, on Friday we decided that we desperately needed heating up from the blistering cold (for those who say Japanese winters are not as bad as German winters: if you life in a badly isolated shoebox of a room where inside temperature equals outside temperature like we do, you might reconsider that thought) and decided to visit the newly-opened Onsen right around the corner.

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Weekly Recap 16/20 – Back in Oita


Wow, those 2 and a half weeks of winter holidays flew by so quickly! I’ve been back for a week as I am writing this and I can say, daily life kicks in just as fast. In this one week back in university I already had to write two vocabulary tests, one bigger lesson test, and two kanji tests.. So, besides getting back in the rhythm of university life, nothing really exciting happened, I am afraid. Therefore, I suggest that you click here and read one of my posts about the culture of Japan instead. Enjoy!

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Weekly Recap 11/20 – A cozy little town and finally a kimono

(05.12.2016 – 11.12.2016)

On this lovely weekend of the 3th Advent, three of us took a one hour train ride to Yufuin, a cute little city in the Oita prefecture, that offers charming cafés, animal-featured theme parks and one of the best cheesecakes I had in a long time! The next day was just as stuffed with Japanese culture as we were finally able to try on a very traditional kimono.

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