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Das schöne am Reisen ist, dass man am Ende nicht nur um ein paar tolle Fotos von wunderbaren Orten, sondern auch um viele Einblicke und Eindrücke in die Kultur eines Landes reicher ist. Lest mehr darüber in dieser Kategorie.

Apart from nice pictures of beautiful places traveling can provide you with deep and authentic insights about culture and people. Read about that here.

Weekly Recap 19/20 – Study hard


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finaaaaaaaaaaaaals week!

And I mean it was literally only one week into which at least we internationals had all our exams crammed. This meant for me – as I was kind of greedy in the beginning when it came to picking classes – 9 exams in 5 days.  Ok sure, let’s do it! It was partwise exhausting and annoying but in the end I think I passed every exam with quite a decent grade as well. I’ll find out about that in March, I guess. However, this post should not be about me lamenting about having too much to study but rather about Japanese University and Labour Systems.

Note: All I write below is from personal experience, so either from classes and discussions at university or also from talks with Japanese people. So please be aware that some things I write might be a bit subjective. Anyway, enjoy!

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Honne and Tatemae

Have you ever heard of the terms „honne“ and „tatemae“?

You might be familiar with the social phenomenon existing in many Asian countries that it is extremely important to „keep your face“ when interacting with others. This includes being kind and modest and not showing extreme signs of affections, but it can also mean holding back your opinions and feelings in order to maintain group harmony. In Japan, „honne“ refers to your true feelings and beliefs while „tatemae“ is the  face you show to the public. It is crucial to know about this before you come to Japan – also because it is sometimes very difficult to tell them both apart.

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