(07.11.2016 – 13.11.2016)

When there is one thing in Japan that I did not expect to be like it is and that constantly surprises me is – tadadadaaaaa – the nature. I bet a lot of people were like me when they thought about Japan’s landscape: Mount Fuji and then maaaaaaaaaany skyscraper skylines. Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama .. the list goes on and the last thing you would expext are probably deep green forests, fields and mountains wherever you look. I don’t know if we are just extremely lucky to be here in the Northern Kyushu area, but I can say, it only takes us around 20 minutes of a train drive in the direction of Beppu to see exactly that.

So this weekend, a rather large group of us were taken by three more or less experienced Japanese wanderer friends to Mt. Tsurumi with the mission to climb the top. Wandering is one of Japan’s most popular sports for every age group and on our way we met so many people who had the same goal. And if you now expect well-caved in wandering routes or stairs or anything – nope. We really had to CLIMB. The full package with getting your hands dirty, holding onto trees and birches to pull yourself up, and slipping on fallen leaves. It took us more than 3 hours and I guess we were all exhausted but in the pictures below you can see that it was totaly worth all of it!

First break in this spot – much needed!
The view after 3/4th of the way up
(Love nature to play around with the depth of fields settings of the camera)


Final view – worth it!
We made it!