(05.12.2016 – 11.12.2016)

On this lovely weekend of the 3th Advent, three of us took a one hour train ride to Yufuin, a cute little city in the Oita prefecture, that offers charming cafés, animal-featured theme parks and one of the best cheesecakes I had in a long time! The next day was just as stuffed with Japanese culture as we were finally able to try on a very traditional kimono.

Saturday: Strolls in Yufuin

The tiny little village of Yufuin (which is actually since 2005 a district of the bigger city Yufu) is located in the West of Oita and Beppu and with a population of around 11,000 people really a village – in Japanese terms at least. Also famous as a hot spring resort, the onsen there are said to be even more relaxing than the ones in Beppu (though I have not checked myself tbh). For us, it was a much needed change of scenery after a stressful week of exams – I myself had to write 7 tests (both midterm exams and vocabulary tests) in 5 days, so I was more than ready for a relaxing stroll around a beautiful scenery. And what can I say – I have not been disappointed.

Yufuin main street leading to a lake park
In the background you can see Mt. Yufu
Charming little stores all along the main street waiting for tourists
Visiting owls in an owl park; felt a bit sorry for them …
…whereas the cats in the cat café seemed to have a rather enjoyable life
Lake park view
If it were a bit warmer, it would have been even nicer – but hey, no complaints!

Sunday: International Festival with kimonos

Another festival organised by students took place on that Sunday after our trip to Yufuin. Well, let’s not talk too much about the festival itself – I will write a post about Japanese organisation later – but be told that the only reason why we attended was that we were promised to be able to wear a traditional Japanese kimono. And the tea ceremony was also quite nice I admit. Soooooooooo…

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony with a Tea master
But this is what we came for!