(10.10.2016 – 16.10.2016)

Oita university takes care of its international students, that cannot be denied. So, last Saturday in the crack of dawn (or at least way too early for a Saturday) we gathered at university to meet our tutors and hop on the bus to a destination that we never heard of but sounded promising.

Kokonoe ‚Yume‘ Otsurihashi Bridge

First, we stopped at a bridge which was swinging in the about 180m over the valley between two imposant mountains with a total length of 390m. For a long time, this made it the longest rope suspension bridge in the world. The whole group of internationals plus tutors collected all their courage and passed the bridge; the view was amazing.



Next stop was a cute little animal farm where we had barbecue. Traditional Japanese barbecue is definitely worth a try! Different kinds of meat and vegetables are prepared an can be grilled on a little grill which is placed in the middle of the dining table. Like this, nobody has to stand outside and take care of the meat while the others are hungrily waiting for the meal to be prepared (as we know it from German barbecue). Plus, I am always a fan of vegetables on the grill! Of course, rice and miso soup will also not be missed.

Tadewara Marsh


Our last stop were the beautiful fields of the Tadewara Marsh on the bottom of a picturesque chain of mountains. The fields are taken care of by local volunteers who burn them down once a year so that they can grow again in a beautiful and healthy way and do not take over the area. Wooden planks are constructed throughout the fields to build a footwork for visitors – a chance we happily took!


All in all it was a nice little break from the rather grey area around university and in the city of Oita – and the nature was stunning!