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Dezember 2016

Weekly Recap 5/20 – All the crazy monsters!

(24.10.2016 – 30.10.2016)

So, apparently no place in the world is save from American traditions sneaking in with the only goal to exploit consumers‘ wallets, drive people crazy, and to take over retail for at least two weeks. In other words, Halloween is here in Japan, too! And we internationals were right within – or at least within the lovely Tetris costumes we borrowed from our Japanese friends for the photo!



Weekly Recap 4/20 – Exploring the Hells of Beppu and a day in Tsukumi

(17.10.2016 – 23.10.2016)

Known as one of the best places to enjoy Japanese hot springs („Onsen“) the cute little town of Beppu is a popular destination for tourists. Many Japanese also spend a relaxing day here to step away from the pressures of their daily life for a couple of hours.

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Weekly Recap 3/20 – A trip to Kokonoe

(10.10.2016 – 16.10.2016)

Oita university takes care of its international students, that cannot be denied. So, last Saturday in the crack of dawn (or at least way too early for a Saturday) we gathered at university to meet our tutors and hop on the bus to a destination that we never heard of but sounded promising.

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