So, my second week in Japan came to an end and the last few days have been flying by so quickly. Of course, settling down from having literally just one backpack and a suitcase (which contained another backpack btw) takes some time and I am still not done arranging all the things here (for example, I still don’t have all the necessary kitchen equipment): Nevertheless, university started this week and well, let’s say it’s very different from my university in Germany!

To be honest, it’s rather like high school. We have classes with not more than 25 people, they are checking our attendance in every class, and we get homework everyday. Wow, I have to get used to this again! Regarding the language classes I think this is actually an adequate way because you just learn a language better when there are not so many people in one class but it was a bit surprising in the beginning though. German university system seems to be rather outstanding compared to other countries in terms of students‘ responsibilities and the authority to decide whether you will attend today’s class or just work through the stuff yourself.

Anyway, after one week of classes we decided that it was time to dive deeper into Japanese culture and where can you possibly do that better than at – yeah, you guessed it right – a karaoke bar! Being not that much of a singer, at least outside of my shower, I was rather sceptical about this kind of activity but after giving it a try (and a couple of beers tbh) I can say I really love it. So, whenever you have the chance, go for it! Most of the place will have a lot of popular English songs and maybe even some German ones as well, but if you are brave enough go for the Japanese ones, too.

Just a tiny peak to the karaoke event

Next week we have a trip to Beppu planned on the weekend. Besides that, university will continue and we will see what is coming up!