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November 2016

Weekly Recap 2/20 – University life and Karaoke


So, my second week in Japan came to an end and the last few days have been flying by so quickly. Of course, settling down from having literally just one backpack and a suitcase (which contained another backpack btw) takes some time and I am still not done arranging all the things here (for example, I still don’t have all the necessary kitchen equipment): Nevertheless, university started this week and well, let’s say it’s very different from my university in Germany!

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Weekly Recap 1/20 – Arriving and arranging

(26.09.2016 – 02.10.2016)

What a week! The first one out of only 17 weeks in Japan has ended and I can honestly say I am both exhausted and incredibly happy at the same time. What a ride to come here, I spent almost 48 hours on the road, up in the air and in capsule hotel beds before I finally set food on Oita territory. Wow, this place is what I will call home for the next six months! Weiterlesen „Weekly Recap 1/20 – Arriving and arranging“

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